How To Guide: 2017 (Visualizing Your Goals)

How To Guide: 2017 (Visualizing Your Goals)

Hello! Welcome back to my new series of How To Guides for 2017, where I will be showing you fun and effective ways to make this YOUR best year yet! I will show you how to set goals, different ways to keep yourself on track, etc.!

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Over the past few years, vision boards have become a rather popular way to envision what you want for the future. I personally love vision boards! I believe in putting positive vibes, hopes, and dreams out into the universe — plus I’m a huge fan of anything DIY or crafty! Here are some tips and examples for making your own inspirational planners, journals, and vision boards to help you envision your goals!

**visual examples at the end of the post**

How To Create A Vision Board/Journal:

  • Decide what works best for you:
    • Some years I’ve decided to opt for a tri-fold board (which I broke into 3 categories: health/lovecareer, and future/lifestyle/dreams) that I hung in my room so that I would see it everyday. This year, however, I have opted for a dream journal so that I can be more specific and also keep track of my goals and progress better.
  • Make your resolutions:
    • Decide on your goals and what you want out of this year. This will give you some motivation and guidance when you are looking for materials for your board/journal.
  • Gather your supplies:
    • After you’ve set your goals, you are going to need supplies to make your board:
      • Journal/Board/Planner
      • Glue
      • Scissors
      • Markers/Pens/Paint
      • Magazines
      • Printouts (words, images, etc.)
  • Create space and time:
    • Make sure you are in a comfortable and creative environment so that you can focus on your goals and your board/journal.
  • Choose your words:
    • Look online or in magazines and find images or words that speak to you — these should coincide with the goals you have set or should be positive things that make you happy.
  • Create:
    • After you’ve found enough images and words, go ahead and start laying out your board/journal and begin to create your dream board!
  • Revisit and track:
    • As I mentioned in my resolution post, make sure your goals and your dream board are in a place that you will see them often — everyday, several times a day — so that you will stay focused and on track with your goals.

Vision Planners:

Check out these sites for planners: [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

Vision Journals:

Check out these sites for journals: [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

Dream Boards:

Check out these sites for boards: [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

Printable Sheets:

Check out these sites for printouts: [ x ] [ x ] [ x ]

Be SMARTenvision your goals, create a plan of action, set smaller goals, and have an amazing year!


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