How To Guide: 2017 (Goals)

How To Guide: 2017 (Goals)

Hello! Welcome back to my new series of How To Guides for 2017, where I will be showing you fun and effective ways to make this YOUR best year yet! I will show you how to set goals, different ways to keep yourself on track, etc.!

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In my last post I talked about how to set goals and make resolutions. In this post I will be focusing on the goals and resolutions themselves, sharing some of mine as well as giving you some ideas for goals you can set for yourself this year!

My Resolutions:

As I recommended in my first post for this series, I found it helpful to start with a few main goals, which I then broke into smaller goals and categories. I also listed a popular technique of designating your smaller goals into each month, which is something I haven’t personally tried in the past, but I love the idea! I think breaking the whole year and your main goals into a monthly plan is a great way to ensure that you stay focused.

  • My Main Goals For 2017:
    • Be more active and get in shape
    • Take the next step in my career
    • Be a better person (daughter, partner/lover, family member, friend, worker)
    • Save money
    • Learn more
  • My Motto For 2017:
    • Go after what you want
    • Work hard, keep calm, push myself, and be open to all opportunities

My Plan Of Action/Smaller Goals:

Once I decided on my main goals and motto for the year (I really recommend coming up with a few words or a phrase that you want to describe your year), I then listed each main goal into a category and set smaller goals in each category. Each of my smaller goals will help me achieve my main goals. I will list some examples for each main goal below:

  • Be more active and get in shape (Health):
    • Workout through yoga and/or weights 3 times a week
    • Workout at home through floor exercises 5 times a week
    • Drink more water (10 sips every hour/ 3-5 bottles a day)
    • Continue to eat healthy at least 6 days a week
  • Take the next step in my career (Career):
    • Practice for at least 20 minutes everyday
    • Practice languages (with Duolingo) for 30 minutes 3 times a week
    • Audition for Young Artist Programs and competitions
    • Create a personal website and press kit
  • Be a better person (Love):
    • Connect with others more (more skype and coffee dates)
    • Have more sex
    • Choose to be happy
    • Embrace the present
  • Save money (Finances):
    • Open a savings account and put away $25 a month (or per paycheck)
    • Make a plan and budget for spending once a week
    • Find another job on the side (teaching or online)
    • Avoid small spending temptations that will add up overtime (coffee)
  • Learn more (Knowledge/Education):
    • Read 5 books this year
    • Read 2-3 articles a week (1 about my career field and 1 about the world/health)

Goal Ideas:

Here are some goals to give you inspiration on goals you can set for yourself. Remember to make your goals SMART ones.

  • Get in shape/lose weight
  • Start eating healthier foods
  • Stop procrastinating/get organized
  • Meet new people
  • Gain confidence
  • Take chances
  • Read more
  • Earn more money
  • Save money
  • Stress less
  • Be a better person
  • Be happy
  • Get more sleep
  • Watch less TV
  • Spend less time on social media
  • Date more
  • Dress better
  • Have better sex
  • Get out of debt
  • Spend more time with loved ones
  • Learn a new language
  • Try something new
  • Cook more/learn to cook

Don’t forget to map out the ‘how‘ when you are setting your goals! How will you achieve these goals? What do you need to do to make them happen? Why are they important to you?

Be SMART, envision your goals, create a plan of action, set smaller goals, and have an amazing year!


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